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1 LANÇAMENTO DO TIGGO 5 NA CHINA em Ter Nov 12, 2013 9:53 am


Motor Acteco 0.8
Motor Acteco 0.8
Chery SUV Tiggo sales will take 25%
28 Oct, Chery Auto holds ceremony for Tiggo 5 rolled off line. The car will be launched market at the end of Nov.
As the first SUV for Chery new brand system, Chery take Tiggo 5 as important as Arrizo 7. The reason for Dalian plant show, Chery relative officer told reporter, “Chery wants to transmit the message that Chery manufacture is already at the same level with global companies.”
Besides, as a SUV, Tiggo 5 takes task to increase sales. At present, Chery finishes its products construction and sales network build, and sales assessment will be the main task at next phrase.
In the first three quarters this year, SUV segment remains fast growth. According to statistics, there are 13 SUV launching market last year, and the figure is 11 this year. The stiff new product introduces pace push the segment into more offensive competition.
As for badly need a product to take part of QQ sales share and increase its single vehicle profit rate, Tiggo 5 is born just in time.
QQ takes 30% of total sales of Chery in 2012, and the situation have not change too much this year. According to National Passenger Car Association statistics, QQ sales 89.8 thousand which takes 27.11% of Chery total sales from Jan to Sept this year. Besides, Tiggo sales are 62.5 thousand, and take 18.87%, which is quite highlighted.
According to Chery new brand system build plan, it will form Arrizo, Tiggo, QQ and Fengyun. In the future, Arrizo will take 45% to 50% sales share, and QQ will decrease sales share from 30% to 5%~10%; Fengyun series will take 20%, and Tiggo takes other 25%.
Because of Arrizo is under reputation building phrase, and shoulder Chery reputation improve; therefore it is not possible for Arrizo to achieve its expectation. Chery staff tells reporter that consumers are still watching at present because of price. For image maintained, Chery will keep state quo unchanged.
Therefore, sales improve task belongs to Tiggo now. As the first typical SUV product of Chery, Tiggo 5 is expected to be new model of Chery and improve its manufacture level.
Chery builds its research system by Arrizo 7, and improve its manufacture system by Tiggo 5. The company will take series marketing measures to increase its sales and build a new image next year.
Source from: QCXW Nov. 8, 2013

2 Re: LANÇAMENTO DO TIGGO 5 NA CHINA em Ter Nov 12, 2013 10:17 am


Orientador Global
Orientador Global
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